Hundreds grope one

Pakistan’s is a sexually repressed, economically frustrated, religiously poisoned, and deeply patriarchal society where 90% of the men have not had a social interaction with a woman growing up, outside of their household. And certainly, do not know what it means to have females as friends. Even those from the households are not spared by men. The cases where a stepfather, a relative or a … Continue reading Hundreds grope one

The What, How and Why of Coronavirus

By now, you all have heard of the infamous virus that has brought life to a halt throughout the world. Your own life has been impacted by it. The rhythm of your daily life has been broken. You are either confined in the bounds of your home, or you are going out less frequently than you would normally, or the places you would have otherwise … Continue reading The What, How and Why of Coronavirus

Herd Immunity and COVID-19

There are two main approaches to fight a pandemic. First is the mainstream one – called containment – taken by countries like China and Italy to fight the spread of coronavirus. Containment is effective in the short term. It is not the ideal approach though, but still less risky in the short term. The other approach which the UK has been contemplating is herd immunity. … Continue reading Herd Immunity and COVID-19

Virus Out Of Hands

Coronavirus has spread globally. Despite China being the country hit hardest by this epidemic, the number of international cases continue to increase with the tick of the clock. The total number of recorded cases stand at around 50,000 people as of Feb 12, 2020. In just under 1.5 months, it has spread to around 30 countries as reported. The number of cases have begun to … Continue reading Virus Out Of Hands

Freedom of food choice

The spread of coronavirus begs opening up a philosophical debate around freedom and choice. You are free to choose what you wear as long as it is not affecting the lives of others. You can choose the god you want to worship as long as your veneration does not affect the lives of those who pick to pray to another god, or hold no god … Continue reading Freedom of food choice

What is the purpose of your life?

Your individual life, per se, has no purpose. It’s a meaningless, purposeless venture. As much as it should be a relief, it comes out to be a scary news. This can make you and me depressed. We don’t want to feel isolated, neglected and above all: useless. We find solance in being associated with something bigger than ourselves – a group, a tribe, a race, … Continue reading What is the purpose of your life?

The #metoo enigma

Picked up widely only a couple of years ago, the #metoo movement was a bold step to bring up, seldom long past, encounters of sexual misconduct borne by women. From a social media hashtag to a worldwide campaign, the #metoo spread like wildfire. With each brave coming out by one woman after another, soon it turned into a global movement. Bringing back to life the … Continue reading The #metoo enigma

The Kashmir Puzzle

A divine landscape of scenic peaks, lush green meadows, and breath-taking rivers, lakes, and glaciers: Kashmir. Pashtuns, Mughals, Sikhs, Buddhists, British; they have all dominated this region one time or another. The prevailing Muslim Kashmir, as we know it today, is less than two hundred years old development. This nirvana on earth has been a hotly contested region for centuries. The latest and the deadliest … Continue reading The Kashmir Puzzle

Role of transport in achieving SDGs

A set of 17 goals and 169 targets to usher the world on to a path of sustainable development in the next fifteen years came into force on 1st January 2016. UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development forms the basis for these goals. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – centered around the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental – stimulate action in … Continue reading Role of transport in achieving SDGs

A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Associate professor Khalid Hameed was killed on Wednesday at the campus of Sadiq Egerton College in the southern city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Ktatib Hussain attacked his professor in the early hours of the day. The assassin accused the professor of blasphemy. Khatib said he was also against the un-Islamic events being organised in the department which the slain professor supported. Thanks to the draconian blasphemy … Continue reading A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Sentiments of Hate

  The terrorism that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand (On 15th March 2019, Friday) is nothing but horror. The mere thought of the perpetrator to kill fellow human beings with such brutality is a display of cruelty not much different from that of ISIS chopping heads of its captives. The only obvious difference between Brenton Tarrant and ISIS jihadists is the molecular heterogeneity in … Continue reading Sentiments of Hate

What can you do about climate change?

Climate change is one of the greatest threats our planet today faces. Despite its unanimous scientific understanding, we are still not able to do what is needed. There are a number of reasons for it which I will highlight below before moving to steps we can take to fight climate change. You almost could not design a problem that is a worse fit with our … Continue reading What can you do about climate change?

Future of human work in the age of AI

Since the Industrial Revolution, the speculations that mechanisation ⚙️ will take away the jobs have been high. Such rumours remained rumours only for the most part of the time since. There was indeed a decline in numbers of jobs in certain sectors, only to be compensated by the emergence of other totally new sectors. When the fields become factories, the farmers who lost their jobs became … Continue reading Future of human work in the age of AI

Tree Plantation Initiative

As per a safe estimate, a total of 1100 plants/trees were planted under the banner of this initiative (of course with the help of the collaborations). One Sunday evening in early June 2018, I sat pondering over the current climate change, upcoming Independence Day of Pakistan (Aug 14) and past childhood memories of buying flags for the day. It was this occasion when it occurred … Continue reading Tree Plantation Initiative

Boundaries of Earth

Organisms have certain optimal functioning conditions. Often they get sick, get healed. But after a certain threshold, the self-healing does not occur. Neither do then any interventions be of any help to reverse the blight. Human bodies function best at a certain body temperature range. Cross the extremes and it no longer lives. So is the case with our only habitable planet, to date, Earth. … Continue reading Boundaries of Earth

Two important lessons from the Holocaust

Originally posted on Eraas Haider:
27th January marked the Holocaust Memorial Day. 72 years ago on this day, the infamous concentration camps in present-day Germany (and around) were liberated which remained subject to unfathomable atrocities by Hitler and alike on (mostly) Jews resulting in deaths as high as 6 million in numbers. Today the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the same victims and survivors come to… Continue reading Two important lessons from the Holocaust

Beyond Death

Death is an inescapable reality. And so real is our obsession to overcome it. Immortality has been at the core of fundamentals that drives us. As old as the quest of Greek philosophers’ about life, through the Egyptian era of mummifying, to the present day, scientific endeavors to uploading our minds into a computer, living forever has been a fundamental struggle throughout time. Who does … Continue reading Beyond Death

If at all!

The undisputed role world religions have played in the unification of mankind cannot be denied. Religions became a source of expansion and resultantly unification of mankind. Similarly, the mayhems majority world religions had on the mankind, mostly while expanding, are also undeniable. From crusades to holy wars and from ethnic cleansing to mass murders, the toll of deaths on the shoulders of (religious) ideologies is … Continue reading If at all!

Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

Brainwashing is real and easier than you might expect it to be. Sadly, a majority of madrassas have notorious repute when it comes to brainwashing and producing the filth any rational being would detest, ‘religious extremists’. To understand this easy phenomenon, we need to look at basic three ingredients needed to brainwash a then sentient being. Ensure below-discussed elements and a conditioned conformist is right … Continue reading Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

Coexistence: The only plausible existence

Coexistence: living together at the same place at the same time. The term has developed over the years; from being used in context of U.S and U.S.S.R relations in 1980s to now covering a broader wider range including social, cultural, religious aspects. A healthy society is a diverse spectrum of identities. Owing to globalisation, individuals from different ideological classes, ethnicities, religions, genders, political affiliations, sexual … Continue reading Coexistence: The only plausible existence

Combating mob violence is impossible without human rights education

It is a way of empowering the individuals and making them realise that if today they violate someone else’s rights, tomorrow their rights might be violated too. ‘Mob justice’ is when a group of people take law in their hands and punish an alleged criminal themselves rather than getting the authorities involved and following proper prosecution. Incidents of mob violence are a clear reflection of a society … Continue reading Combating mob violence is impossible without human rights education

Honour Is A Belief While Human Life Is A Reality

Pakistan is no exception when it comes to ills of honour killings. Every year, according to estimates, nearly 1000 lives are lost in the name of honour killing, mostly women. The recent incident in Lahore where a mother burnt her 17 year old daughter, Zeenat, for marrying a guy of her choice is just another case of countless atrocities women in our society suffer from. … Continue reading Honour Is A Belief While Human Life Is A Reality

Basket of birth-a mere coincidence

  None of us chose our ‘Basket of Birth’. Nobody in history chose them to be born to a particular society, particular region or a particular family. Neither was it a part of a pre-planned marvellous script. It was nothing but a coincidence. The same day and same time you were born, there were hundreds other born in different nooks of the world. However, each … Continue reading Basket of birth-a mere coincidence

Wonder if our resilience itself is our problem!

Recently, there has been a lot of hyperbole on social media on we Pakistanis being a resilient nation. I wonder if this so-called resilience may be our national anathema? Resilience is the plasticity of an organism, its ability to return to the original resting state after being displaced by application of force. We claim to be a resilient nation, who has overcome adversaries as big … Continue reading Wonder if our resilience itself is our problem!