The What, How and Why of Coronavirus

By now, you all have heard of the infamous virus that has brought life to a halt throughout the world. Your own life has been impacted by it. The rhythm of your daily life has been broken. You are either confined in the bounds of your home, or you are going out less frequently than you would normally, or the places you would have otherwise … Continue reading The What, How and Why of Coronavirus

How to proceed with Nashwa’s case?

A nine-month old girl died after battling brain paralysis which resulted due to a drug overdose at a hospital in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Unfortunately, hundreds – if not thousands – die untimely every month due to medical negligence in hospitals worldwide. Sometimes the carelessness come out openly as it did in the case from Darul Sehat Hospital. Other times it remains obscure under … Continue reading How to proceed with Nashwa’s case?

If at all!

The undisputed role world religions have played in the unification of mankind cannot be denied. Religions became a source of expansion and resultantly unification of mankind. Similarly, the mayhems majority world religions had on the mankind, mostly while expanding, are also undeniable. From crusades to holy wars and from ethnic cleansing to mass murders, the toll of deaths on the shoulders of (religious) ideologies is … Continue reading If at all!

Basket of birth-a mere coincidence

  None of us chose our ‘Basket of Birth’. Nobody in history chose them to be born to a particular society, particular region or a particular family. Neither was it a part of a pre-planned marvellous script. It was nothing but a coincidence. The same day and same time you were born, there were hundreds other born in different nooks of the world. However, each … Continue reading Basket of birth-a mere coincidence