Basket of birth-a mere coincidence


Photo Source : RWM

None of us chose our ‘Basket of Birth’. Nobody in history chose them to be born to a particular society, particular region or a particular family. Neither was it a part of a pre-planned marvellous script. It was nothing but a coincidence. The same day and same time you were born, there were hundreds other born in different nooks of the world. However, each one took a tag depending upon where they were born, to whom they were born and what time they were born. Tagging is not harmful. In fact it is useful but only if it is for the identification purposes and not for any type of segregation. Tag you receive should help you to be identified rather than differentiating in any conceivable way.

As we grow, this satchel of disintegration we carry gets heavier. Ideologies based on fear, hatred and discrimination add a pebble to your haversack. By the time we fully grow up, these ideologies get so deep rooted that we start to believe that we are mandated to carry the notions we are carrying on our shoulders. Any contradictory idea not only appears false to us, but also appears as a threat to our existence and subsistence.

We are a tiny part of enormous planet. We are here for a finite period of time for once and once only. Our life is a chance. A chance to propagate this chain of life, to relish the stay and live after we die in the form of the good deeds we leave behind, the habits and features of the offspring we produce and the good name we earn while we stayed. We have already fought enough wars, killed enough enemies, got divided into nationalities, borders, social classes, colours, races, religions and you name it. Seen from the distant top we are one human race with diverse cultures living on a tiny planet.



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