Eraas Haider

Lifelong learner


Liberal, secular,  free-thinker. Religiously agnostic. Currently in Luxembourg working for the Publications Office of the European Union, managed by European Commission. Previously worked at United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Turkey and Allianz SE in Germany.

My academic background is in engineering, environmental economics and policy, sustainable development and international development studies. Social equality, human rights and sustainable development are at the core of my interests. Respecting differences and constant learning from every experience is my attitude towards life.

Writing has been a passion since school days. I feel humbled to have got my writings accepted for publishing at numerous national and international newspapers. Have written for for The-Nation, The Express Tribune, Daily Times and others news channels.

My academic research is in the area of international development. My focus was on health and education sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. It involved the analysis of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and making policy recommendations for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through my past experiences, I am fully accustomed to the work ethics and environment of the corporate as well as international development organisations. My experiences include sectors as diverse as development, charity, corporate, financial and legal sectors. Communications, resource management, database management, web management, research and analytics, content writing, proof-reading and policy recommendations are areas of expertise.

I do street photography.

Follow me on Twitter: @eraashaider or visit Linkedin Profile. I can be reached at 0044-7574848201 and

A better world for all.




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