Hundreds grope one

Pakistan’s is a sexually repressed, economically frustrated, religiously poisoned, and deeply patriarchal society where 90% of the men have not had a social interaction with a woman growing up, outside of their household. And certainly, do not know what it means to have females as friends. Even those from the households are not spared by men. The cases where a stepfather, a relative or a … Continue reading Hundreds grope one

Virus Out Of Hands

Coronavirus has spread globally. Despite China being the country hit hardest by this epidemic, the number of international cases continue to increase with the tick of the clock. The total number of recorded cases stand at around 50,000 people as of Feb 12, 2020. In just under 1.5 months, it has spread to around 30 countries as reported. The number of cases have begun to … Continue reading Virus Out Of Hands

Freedom of food choice

The spread of coronavirus begs opening up a philosophical debate around freedom and choice. You are free to choose what you wear as long as it is not affecting the lives of others. You can choose the god you want to worship as long as your veneration does not affect the lives of those who pick to pray to another god, or hold no god … Continue reading Freedom of food choice

Stories are for exciting introspection

In the dry arid deserts of Arabia centuries ago, possessing cattle was as much a privilege as profession. The tribesmen would nourish the animal right from birth, trade their milk, and occasionally consume them for their meat; even barter them on need. They would grow up with their animals, co-sharing their very habitats. Thus, developing a bond with the animals all along. Not much different … Continue reading Stories are for exciting introspection

Beyond Death

Death is an inescapable reality. And so real is our obsession to overcome it. Immortality has been at the core of fundamentals that drives us. As old as the quest of Greek philosophers’ about life, through the Egyptian era of mummifying, to the present day, scientific endeavors to uploading our minds into a computer, living forever has been a fundamental struggle throughout time. Who does … Continue reading Beyond Death

Why History?

  The rear-view mirror, which we call history, helps us to examine the past to determine the course of action for future while being in present. It is not only for examining our own journey heretofore but also of those who are on the same road. As well as those whose path we crossed or who crossed our path previously. John Arnold, a British historian … Continue reading Why History?

Think Before You Bow

Under weighing one’s own opinions when confronted with someone else’s with higher social or psychological authority. Swallowing your opinion in front of your boss at work, or trusting the judgment of elders, only adhered to their experience and not content. We all encounter such situations on a regular basis. From say of the ship-captain to the verdict of an elderly in a village, their judgments are … Continue reading Think Before You Bow


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