Hundreds grope one

Pakistan’s is a sexually repressed, economically frustrated, religiously poisoned, and deeply patriarchal society where 90% of the men have not had a social interaction with a woman growing up, outside of their household. And certainly, do not know what it means to have females as friends. Even those from the households are not spared by men. The cases where a stepfather, a relative or a … Continue reading Hundreds grope one

The Kashmir Puzzle

A divine landscape of scenic peaks, lush green meadows, and breath-taking rivers, lakes, and glaciers: Kashmir. Pashtuns, Mughals, Sikhs, Buddhists, British; they have all dominated this region one time or another. The prevailing Muslim Kashmir, as we know it today, is less than two hundred years old development. This nirvana on earth has been a hotly contested region for centuries. The latest and the deadliest … Continue reading The Kashmir Puzzle

Stories are for exciting introspection

In the dry arid deserts of Arabia centuries ago, possessing cattle was as much a privilege as profession. The tribesmen would nourish the animal right from birth, trade their milk, and occasionally consume them for their meat; even barter them on need. They would grow up with their animals, co-sharing their very habitats. Thus, developing a bond with the animals all along. Not much different … Continue reading Stories are for exciting introspection

A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Associate professor Khalid Hameed was killed on Wednesday at the campus of Sadiq Egerton College in the southern city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Ktatib Hussain attacked his professor in the early hours of the day. The assassin accused the professor of blasphemy. Khatib said he was also against the un-Islamic events being organised in the department which the slain professor supported. Thanks to the draconian blasphemy … Continue reading A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Sentiments of Hate

  The terrorism that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand (On 15th March 2019, Friday) is nothing but horror. The mere thought of the perpetrator to kill fellow human beings with such brutality is a display of cruelty not much different from that of ISIS chopping heads of its captives. The only obvious difference between Brenton Tarrant and ISIS jihadists is the molecular heterogeneity in … Continue reading Sentiments of Hate

Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

It is beyond religion. It is something unconsciously being wired into our faith-driven society’s DNA, at varying levels in different believers of faith. Inhumanely treating another human is not outlandish to eyes, least in Pakistan. Agonizing cries of victims are no more unfamiliar to Pakistani ears. Stories of a mob taking law unlawfully in their hands have and sadly continue to float across media every … Continue reading Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

Combating mob violence is impossible without human rights education

It is a way of empowering the individuals and making them realise that if today they violate someone else’s rights, tomorrow their rights might be violated too. ‘Mob justice’ is when a group of people take law in their hands and punish an alleged criminal themselves rather than getting the authorities involved and following proper prosecution. Incidents of mob violence are a clear reflection of a society … Continue reading Combating mob violence is impossible without human rights education

Honour Is A Belief While Human Life Is A Reality

Pakistan is no exception when it comes to ills of honour killings. Every year, according to estimates, nearly 1000 lives are lost in the name of honour killing, mostly women. The recent incident in Lahore where a mother burnt her 17 year old daughter, Zeenat, for marrying a guy of her choice is just another case of countless atrocities women in our society suffer from. … Continue reading Honour Is A Belief While Human Life Is A Reality