Two important lessons from the Holocaust

73 years now.

Eraas Haider

27th January marked the Holocaust Memorial Day. 72 years ago on this day, the infamous concentration camps in present-day Germany (and around) were liberated which remained subject to unfathomable atrocities by Hitler and alike on (mostly) Jews resulting in deaths as high as 6 million in numbers. Today the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the same victims and survivors come to the same countries for work, leisure and more. A lot has changed in this region of the world. Same mental liberation is desperately needed in some other parts of the world, in minimum possible time and at a permissible cost of loss of lives as high as none.

dsc_0036 Extent of brutality is evident and documented

Though proved time and again that what we have learned from history is that we do not learn from history. There remain some imperative lessons to be learned from the Holocaust. First and foremost is the…

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