The #metoo enigma

Picked up widely only a couple of years ago, the #metoo movement was a bold step to bring up, seldom long past, encounters of sexual misconduct borne by women. From a social media hashtag to a worldwide campaign, the #metoo spread like wildfire. With each brave coming out by one woman after another, soon it turned into a global movement. Bringing back to life the … Continue reading The #metoo enigma

Think Before You Bow

Under weighing one’s own opinions when confronted with someone else’s with higher social or psychological authority. Swallowing your opinion in front of your boss at work, or trusting the judgment of elders, only adhered to their experience and not content. We all encounter such situations on a regular basis. From say of the ship-captain to the verdict of an elderly in a village, their judgments are … Continue reading Think Before You Bow

Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

It is beyond religion. It is something unconsciously being wired into our faith-driven society’s DNA, at varying levels in different believers of faith. Inhumanely treating another human is not outlandish to eyes, least in Pakistan. Agonizing cries of victims are no more unfamiliar to Pakistani ears. Stories of a mob taking law unlawfully in their hands have and sadly continue to float across media every … Continue reading Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

Brainwashing is real and easier than you might expect it to be. Sadly, a majority of madrassas have notorious repute when it comes to brainwashing and producing the filth any rational being would detest, ‘religious extremists’. To understand this easy phenomenon, we need to look at basic three ingredients needed to brainwash a then sentient being. Ensure below-discussed elements and a conditioned conformist is right … Continue reading Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

Think clearly, analyze honestly then proceed confidently

Confusing factors with results is a fallacy we humans commit more than often. Take cosmetics advertisement industry, for instance. It’s not that (all) their products will turn you into the beautiful model being advertised. The fact is that the advertisement industry picks up attractive beautiful women to appear in their commercials. Cosmetics advertisement industry would collapse if more and more people start to think this … Continue reading Think clearly, analyze honestly then proceed confidently

Coexistence: The only plausible existence

Coexistence: living together at the same place at the same time. The term has developed over the years; from being used in context of U.S and U.S.S.R relations in 1980s to now covering a broader wider range including social, cultural, religious aspects. A healthy society is a diverse spectrum of identities. Owing to globalisation, individuals from different ideological classes, ethnicities, religions, genders, political affiliations, sexual … Continue reading Coexistence: The only plausible existence