Think clearly, analyze honestly then proceed confidently

Confusing factors with results is a fallacy we humans commit more than often.

Take cosmetics advertisement industry, for instance. It’s not that (all) their products will turn you into the beautiful model being advertised.

The fact is that the advertisement industry picks up attractive beautiful women to appear in their commercials. Cosmetics advertisement industry would collapse if more and more people start to think this way.

This effect can be observed at numerous other walks of life.

Take the example of renowned educational institutes that are known worldwide for producing exceptional minds and results.

True to great extent, however, the fact is worth considering that they induct already exceptional students, who have already shown great results in their respective fields, at the first place.

Let us have a look at advertisement industry of fitness studios and gyms.

Looking at the 6-packs abdomen and their muscular bodies we get delusional that workout at (this) gym will turn our bodies as appealing as of these builders-turned-models in the advert.

The fact is that only good-built models are chosen to appear in the advertisements.

In the realm of Psychology, this is known as swimmer’s body illusion.

Which simply means that it’s not that extensive training necessarily results into great bodies most swimmers possess (which can be the case but not necessarily).

In fact already-suitable flexible bodies, when train, become the allure we call ‘swimmers-body’.

The psychology of happiness can also be seen through this lens.

Being happy is accordingly more of a personality trait and less of a result of listening to joyful songs, watching comedy shows etc.

I am not hinting that one cannot learn to be happy or music would not make you feel good. Nor the readers are being barred from signing up for swimming lessons, let alone cease the usage of cosmetics.

The intention here is to make the readers aware of the pitfalls of self-illusion.

Such phantasms come in way of rational decision-making of which one should be aware to make better decisions.

The takeaway is that before making paramount decisions, it is recommended to take a step back, think clearly, analyze honestly and then proceed confidently.

Thank you for your time.


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