Think clearly, analyze honestly then proceed confidently

Confusing factors with results is a fallacy we humans commit more than often. Take cosmetics advertisement industry, for instance. It’s not that (all) their products will turn you into the beautiful model being advertised. The fact is that the advertisement industry picks up attractive beautiful women to appear in their commercials. Cosmetics advertisement industry would collapse if more and more people start to think this … Continue reading Think clearly, analyze honestly then proceed confidently

Visiting graveyard of failures

Present day man suffers from numerous biases in every day decision-making. Among the plethora lies survivorship bias (or survivors bias). It’s a bias in which one that succeeds or that survives gets visibility while that could not survive fades out of view. It’s true that Oxford and Stanford develop best minds but not all minds produced at Oxford or Stanford are equally great. The reason being that … Continue reading Visiting graveyard of failures