Recent floods and climate change – Pakistan

While some parts of the world are facing extreme drought conditions, others are ravaged by unprecedented floods. So is the story of Pakistan where recent monsoon rains and floods have wreaked havoc in the country causing loss of life and property. Millions of people have been affected by the heavy rainfall. Close to a thousand people and hundreds of thousands of cattle have died (as … Continue reading Recent floods and climate change – Pakistan

Hundreds grope one

Pakistan’s is a sexually repressed, economically frustrated, religiously poisoned, and deeply patriarchal society where 90% of the men have not had a social interaction with a woman growing up, outside of their household. And certainly, do not know what it means to have females as friends. Even those from the households are not spared by men. The cases where a stepfather, a relative or a … Continue reading Hundreds grope one

The #metoo enigma

Picked up widely only a couple of years ago, the #metoo movement was a bold step to bring up, seldom long past, encounters of sexual misconduct borne by women. From a social media hashtag to a worldwide campaign, the #metoo spread like wildfire. With each brave coming out by one woman after another, soon it turned into a global movement. Bringing back to life the … Continue reading The #metoo enigma

How to proceed with Nashwa’s case?

A nine-month old girl died after battling brain paralysis which resulted due to a drug overdose at a hospital in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Unfortunately, hundreds – if not thousands – die untimely every month due to medical negligence in hospitals worldwide. Sometimes the carelessness come out openly as it did in the case from Darul Sehat Hospital. Other times it remains obscure under … Continue reading How to proceed with Nashwa’s case?

A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Associate professor Khalid Hameed was killed on Wednesday at the campus of Sadiq Egerton College in the southern city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Ktatib Hussain attacked his professor in the early hours of the day. The assassin accused the professor of blasphemy. Khatib said he was also against the un-Islamic events being organised in the department which the slain professor supported. Thanks to the draconian blasphemy … Continue reading A pupil murders his professor over blasphemy

Pakistan – fourth worst country for women

Throughout history, women had it rough. By almost every measure, it was easier to be a man than to be a woman. From being un-wanted before birth to getting discarded at birth, rights of women in modern societies have come a long way. With the enlightenment ideas, seeds of change were sown. It would not have been without the struggle of hundreds and thousands of … Continue reading Pakistan – fourth worst country for women

Tree Plantation Initiative

As per a safe estimate, a total of 1100 plants/trees were planted under the banner of this initiative (of course with the help of the collaborations). One Sunday evening in early June 2018, I sat pondering over the current climate change, upcoming Independence Day of Pakistan (Aug 14) and past childhood memories of buying flags for the day. It was this occasion when it occurred … Continue reading Tree Plantation Initiative

Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

It is beyond religion. It is something unconsciously being wired into our faith-driven society’s DNA, at varying levels in different believers of faith. Inhumanely treating another human is not outlandish to eyes, least in Pakistan. Agonizing cries of victims are no more unfamiliar to Pakistani ears. Stories of a mob taking law unlawfully in their hands have and sadly continue to float across media every … Continue reading Mardan lynching, Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and way ahead

Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

Brainwashing is real and easier than you might expect it to be. Sadly, a majority of madrassas have notorious repute when it comes to brainwashing and producing the filth any rational being would detest, ‘religious extremists’. To understand this easy phenomenon, we need to look at basic three ingredients needed to brainwash a then sentient being. Ensure below-discussed elements and a conditioned conformist is right … Continue reading Brainwashing and madrassas in Pakistan

The boy who stood against child labour

A less known, if not forgotten, symbol of fight against child labour is Iqbal Masih. His story has inspired many individuals and organisations alike. From social activists to Noble Peace Prize winners, all have found inspiration in him and have not gone without mentioning him in their speeches. At an age when he should have been admitted to a school, he was sold in bondage … Continue reading The boy who stood against child labour