Why History?

  The rear-view mirror, which we call history, helps us to examine the past to determine the course of action for future while being in present. It is not only for examining our own journey heretofore but also of those who are on the same road. As well as those whose path we crossed or who crossed our path previously. John Arnold, a British historian … Continue reading Why History?


2023 What We Owe The Future (William Macaskill) The Future We Choose (Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivet-Carnac) The Hidden Life of Trees (Peter Wohlleben) 2022 Why Our Children Will be Atheists (Albert Williams) Climate Change for Dummies (Elizabeth May and John Kidder) How The World Really Works (Vaclav Smil) Earth for all – A survival guide for Humanity (Club of Rome) Behavioural Economics (David Orrell) … Continue reading Books