Recent floods and climate change – Pakistan

While some parts of the world are facing extreme drought conditions, others are ravaged by unprecedented floods. So is the story of Pakistan where recent monsoon rains and floods have wreaked havoc in the country causing loss of life and property. Millions of people have been affected by the heavy rainfall. Close to a thousand people and hundreds of thousands of cattle have died (as … Continue reading Recent floods and climate change – Pakistan

Role of transport in achieving SDGs

A set of 17 goals and 169 targets to usher the world on to a path of sustainable development in the next fifteen years came into force on 1st January 2016. UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development forms the basis for these goals. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – centered around the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental – stimulate action in … Continue reading Role of transport in achieving SDGs

What can you do about climate change?

Climate change is one of the greatest threats our planet today faces. Despite its unanimous scientific understanding, we are still not able to do what is needed. There are a number of reasons for it which I will highlight below before moving to steps we can take to fight climate change. You almost could not design a problem that is a worse fit with our … Continue reading What can you do about climate change?

Tree Plantation Initiative

As per a safe estimate, a total of 1100 plants/trees were planted under the banner of this initiative (of course with the help of the collaborations). One Sunday evening in early June 2018, I sat pondering over the current climate change, upcoming Independence Day of Pakistan (Aug 14) and past childhood memories of buying flags for the day. It was this occasion when it occurred … Continue reading Tree Plantation Initiative